Monday, July 18, 2011


I could have sworn that I’ll never do this but it’s summer and there’s nothing like summer without the maxis. We’ve all been so used to the maxi dress, but I am proud to say maxis have totally evolved. We have the maxi dresses (of course), the maxi trousers, the maxi skirts and some say the maxi blazers. Errmmm. I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.  I think I am loving this trend more than ever because of the diversity in it. The colours, prints, style, and cut you can find maxis in are limitless. It’s like a ray of colours in maxi world. 
This is a look I am particularly fascinated about.  I would have never pictured myself in this look, but the way some women (and interestingly some men) have rocked it has made me think twice! It comes in a several prints and could be worn to fit any purpose.

                                                           Try a corportate look
You could also try a fun summer look by a wearing strapless top.
I absolutely love this look because you can do so much with it. It could be paired with a corset, bustier, tee, corporate shirt, whatever you can think of, this piece of clothing can do. What i love the most about it is the fact that you can lift up the hemline to your waist and turn it into a mini by adding a slim belt to it, or in some cases, pull it up to turn it into a strapless dress.

With a simple v-neck and minimal accessories, the maxi could turn into a red-carpet material like Mary-Kate Olsen here/

 With a bustier and a leather jacket, you could acheive a rock and roll look like Shirley here, a famous blogger. Check out her blog at:
Maxi skirts are a great way to show a tiny waist and add volume to your body which isn't always a bad thing

 Try a maxi skirt with a high slit for a more sultry and sexy look

One of my favourite looks, is trying colour blocking with you maxi skirt.

Try a fun monochrome look with a crop top.
THE MAXI DRESS (a.k.a the original maxi) 
I call it the original maxi because it paved the way for all other maxis. Well, i like to think so. Just like the maxi skirt, there is really no limit to what the dress can do. Although, I would strongly recommend not wearing a corporate shirt on it, under it or around it. 

My favourite look with a maxi skirt is blazer. It just looks hot

With a little lifting, tucking and belting, the maxi dress can become a mini dress or a skirt

If you don’t have a maxi outfit, you should go get one. In my humble stylish opinion, ASOS has the best maxi dresses and skirts and for the trousers, RIVER ISLAND has quite a few stylish pieces. Remember, nothing says summer like a good maxi! Have a good week everyone. xo


  1. amazing!!! i should go and grab one now ;P angie xxx

  2. i love my maxi skirt and dresses, so comfortable :)


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