Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have heard so many categories of women that I don't think anything can suprise me. We have the HOT or NOT category, FAT or SKINNY, the KIM KARDASHIANs or the KEIRA KNIGHTLEYs, SET or NOT (Naija boy's style), CURVY or FLAT.

Doesn't this make you think "poor women". Well, I usually said so until I saw that girls were adapting to these descriptions. For example, one girl on my TL (twitter Timeline) tweeted this; "everyone is singing "mr.endowed", even the ones that are not endowed. abeg shift joh". You can't imagine how grossed out I was, ofcourse this poor girl fell into the 'set' category. I unfollowed her immediately. No time for nonsense. Due to the increasing categorisation of women, I have decided to come up with my own classification. A woman is either CONFIDENT or INSECURE.

I have seen some of these society manufactured "hot" girls so insecure that I felt like slapping them and I've seen the society manufactured 'flat' girls teaching these hot girls life lessons on confidence and inspiring people. Now, I am not saying all "hot" girls are dumb and all "un-hot" girls are smart. Heck no! All I'm saying is this classifications are just titles. They mean nothing. A woman either knows her worth or she is waiting for someone to put a price tag on her. A woman either stands up for what she believes in or sits down so she can fit it nicely. The title society gives you SHOULD NOT define you unless you want them to.

You know I've discovered that the problem with women today isn't that they aren't beautiful, it's that they enjoying pushing eachother down. Most women are so vain, so lost in their own world of perfection that they would do anything to feel better about themselves even if it means making someone else feel bad about themselves. Women that do that are not confident. There is nothing confident about making someone feel low so you can feel high. Nope, that's just plain INSECURITY & VANITY.

I admit that there are moments where the confident woman gets her confidence shaken. That just means she's human. Being confident doesn't mean you are a stone, it means you respect your opinion of yourself more than you respect the opinions of others about yourself.

So, to all the women out there, you decide how you want to be classified. You could choose to be the "hot" woman or you could choose to be the CONFIDENT woman. It's up to you. Remember your looks are gonna fade away at some point and what you'll have left is how you valued yourself!

I once read somewhere "Insecurity will always rent the space it occupies, but confidence will own the building, and any other room it steps in"

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