Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sorry for lack of posts and OUTFIT OF THE DAY!!! :D

Hey guys, super sorry for my lack of posts. Summer in Nigeria was hectic. Apart from the fact that there was no stable internet, I was basically in and out of the hospital. I am however blessed to say that after over 24 INJECTIONS and two admissions, I  am very well and back in the UK, hence, LET THE POSTING BEGIN! Missed this mehn! xx I <3 U

Oh, right and if you care about my Outfit of the Day - 21/09/11, which I doubt you do, but trust me to go on, here are a few pictures :D

Ignore my lover on the right, I thought this was a really good picture of me. LOL. Anyways, not like it'll be of any help but....
       Black Blazer - My baby sister's wardrobe x_x
       Black Top - A top I bought from a random market years ago. Thank God, it is black! **PHEW**
       Necklace - Stolen from  my lover 
       Wristwatch - A birthday gift
       Blue Cut-offs - Newlook
       Belt - Newlook
       Black Thights - Primark
       Black Flats - Random store in America
       Black Bag - Mum's wardrobe/my new laptop bag.


  1. the blazer and the bag= MAJOR WIN!

  2. haha! thanks love. i am a good thief! :D

  3. Nice Outfit. What Weave Are You On? Love It!


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