Sunday, December 18, 2011

THE MOST AMAZING THING ABOUT LIFE.... time spent with family and ofcourse, SHOPPING!!!!
In case, I forgot to tell you guys, I am in dubai for a couple of days!!!! YAYYY!!! Super Excited. I almost didn't make it due to some problems with my ticket but everything was resolved JUST IN TIME! It was quite a long trip. Oh, lemme tell you guys a SILLY/FUNNY STORY:

I took a taxi to the train station, got out and before I had time to open the boot (not sure if that's the spelling) and take my suitcase, the taxi driver started driving away and I had to CHASE A MOVING CAR UNDER THE RAIN!! LOL!

Anyways, I have some holiday pictures;-) ENJOY!!

 I hope you all are having an amazing holiday. Talk to you later. Kisses...xx


  1. Nice place to spend the holidays, y'all look fab! Have fun xx

  2. LOVELY... happy holidays T.O.M.I.L.O.L.A.

  3. Nawa ooo.bikini.u rely a gally gal oo.u rely luk gud in all em pik. Gbogbo bigs gall,ok tot I shuld add smtn nigerian 2 blog.


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