Friday, January 20, 2012


With a lot on my mind, I randomly realized that I feel less pain going down that hill that takes me to the bustop, than I do coming up. Life is easier when we are not moving forward. It's easier to stay on one spot or even worse to go down a hill. It's hard, really hard to go up a hill every day. Some days I wonder if it's worth it, and I stay in bed. But the reason why I choose to go up that hill almost every day is because I want a change. A better future for myself. I want to see and enjoy what's at the top of the hill. On my way to the top of the hill, I meet some really kind people and some days, some really awful people who just stare at me disapprovingly. Life isn't hard unless you're striving to be a better person...a better you. It's easy when all you do is sit at home everyday and don't waste your time with the hill, but at the same time you never move forward. When you decide to take a step forward, stop looking at the rear view mirror, life instantly becomes harder, but in the end, we all know HARD WORK & PERSEVERANCE PAYS. It's time to go up that hill again.

Have an amazing weekend guys. xo


  1. Dunno if you mean an actual hill or its just an illustration but it made me stop to think. Making a change is hardwork but hardwork pays!

    1. lol....i was talking about an actual hill, but the hill is really just an illustration. xx

  2. true word!!! its well easier to stay where you are comfortable...

  3. aww,, i liked the picture, saved it x_x


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