Sunday, February 12, 2012


This is such a random title but it's dedicated to a lot of things and 'person'. I don't care if it's winter or summer or whatever, I'd always be obsessed with leopard prints and I decided to pair them with neon orange flats just to sort of contrast with my prints. Hope you like...

Maxi Skirt- Missguided
White Shirt- D.I.Y.
Flats & Bag- H & M
Gold cuff- Primark
Pearls- New Look
Ear cuff- ASOS

** When HE was on the cross, you were on HIS mind**

Have a great week guys. Lots of love...xo


  1. Really great outfit!!

    Drea xo

  2. I really like this outfit, especially the orange perks. I randomly stumbled across your blog.. [you strangely remind me of myself lol random]..

    You have gained a new follower

    Check out my blog at

    Darling Doyin


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