Sunday, February 12, 2012

my heart, YOUR home....

Hi guys, My church had a mini valentine's dinner so I switched up my outfit but stuck with my accessories. I decided to wear my tribal print leggings once more before throwing it into the washing machine...

Tribal Print Leggings- Missguided
Blazer, Bag & Shoes- H&M
Grey Tee- ASOS
Rings- Primark

**When prayers go up, answers come down**
Lots of love...xo


  1. Really pretty! LOVE those leggings!

    Drea xo

  2. Such a cute outfit!! I love the pop of orange!!


  3. I really like your outfit! It's very nice and I love how you paired the leggings with the orange bag and flats!

  4. such a beautiful outfit! :) you have a really great sense of style.
    fantastic blog, will follow you, dear!


  5. You are soooo pretty! Lovee your blog!! Could you possibly do a post on skincare routine and the make up products you use please. Pretty please? xxx

    1. Sorry I'm just replying this. I will do so next week or so when my new camera comes hopefully! I'm excited, but I have to warn there's nothing spectacular about it...x

  6. Nice outfit, Im really liking the orange flats and the tights

  7. Love the outfit, daring leggings and flats!
    Im a new follower. :)


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