Saturday, July 7, 2012


My life is taking unexpected turns in little ways. A lot of ups and downs. I'm learning about patience. I'm learning about forgiveness. I'm learning about the importance of LOVE. The  need to stop taking life for granted. Most especially, to stop taking God's love and mercy for granted. I'm learning to accept that I cannot be in control every time. Even though I would love to. I'm learning to speak up. Open my mouth. Hear myself. I'm learning that I will NEVER be perfect enough for God. But I'm BEAUTIFUL enough for Him to send His Son to die for me. I'm learning to make a conscious effort to stop using swear words. I'm learning to NOT be so judgmental. I'm learning to FORGIVE MYSELF for my mistakes and bad choices. I'm learning to be THANKFUL for life, for my blog, for my FOLLOWERS. Sigh! I really really love you guys. Sometimes, your comments are all I need to turn my day from bad to good! So here's to learning! 
Lots of love! xo


  1. trying to learn the same.. ts really a hard task tho..
    love ur hair and eyebrows

  2. i need to learn all of these things too. waht on your list are just some of the things i'm fighting with. nice post and thanks for sharing. i really love your blog.


I am so glad you're taking the time out to comment. It really does put a smile on my face ♥