Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hi guys, I got a couple request to do a pictorial on how I style my braids. I'm not a professional and I've learnt this by trial and error and watching youtube videos. For as long as I have my braids, I'll continue to do these pictorials maybe every weekend. Excuse my ratchet looks, period pimples are the worst! You will need a hair band or something to pack your hair and some bobby pins. As a girl, you should know where to get these things.
STEP 1: Pack your hair into a ponytail (high or low; your choice) but make sure to leave a little portion of braids in the center of the front (preferably)
STEP 2: Take an average portion of your ponytail and twist till the end
STEP 3: Take that twisted bit and wrap it round the rest of your ponytail. Tuck the tails in or secure it with a bobby pin if your like. (I just tucked it though)
STEP 4: Repeat step 2 & 3. (i.e take another average portion, twist and wrap round the braids)
STEP 5: Take the rest of the ponytail and wrap it round the twisted bits till you achieve the picture above. You can secure this with a bobby pin if you like (I still haven't used my bobby pins yet)
Time to deal with the left out hair in front
STEP 6: Part the left out hair into two equal parts or semi-equal parts
STEP 7: Twist the left out bit to the tips
STEP 8: Roll the twisted bit to the side of your hair you like (left or right, doesn't matter) TWICE and hold this bun with your hand to secure it
STEP 9: If you can't hold this part, secure it with bobby pins and tuck the tail/tip of the braids into the larger bun at the back that was earlier created. You MUST secure this with a bobby pin or another headband.
It should look something like this when it's done. I really hope this was helpful.

Have a wonderful weekend

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  1. wheew! finally found a way to style my hair to chirch tommorow.. Thanks Tomi!

  2. Thank you for this post. I have the same waist length braids and I never know what to do with it :D

  3. I like your blog, its unique and nice pictures too. Am following you, please me back @ Thanks!

  4. Nice post and blog! (;
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    Love, Jackffy

  5. Nice post!!!!!! you are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... i love it


  6. Nice.just had braids done so this is an interesting piece for me.

  7. aaah looove it....ima def style my waist length braids like that


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