Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hi guys, I took a road trip with a couple of my friends on a RAINY day to the lake. The weather was cold and we had to walk and walk and walk so comfortable shoes were a must. It's a really simple outfit I pulled together last minute but I felt like sharing with you guys! By the way, I had my first  "my hair is natural" moment. I took time out to flat iron my natural hair and as soon as water touched it, all my hard work disappeared and my hair just shrunk. I refused to let that stop me from having fun though; after all, it is just hair. I am extremely knackered at the moment but I hope you all had an amazing Saturday! 

Next Sweater // Asos Boyfriend Shirtbelt, faux fur lapel collar, and hat // H&M Boots // Primark Tights // New Look Skirt

On the boat ride, I had the opportunity to take loads of pictures of absolutely beautiful houses and I am in no way the greatest photographer but I thought I'd share some of these pictures with you.

Okay quick story, as we were leaving the lake, I saw these flowers that were yet to bloom and I wanted to take a picture and my friend said they were ugly and weren't worth a picture. Anyways, I have "strong head", I took a picture. As I was looking at these flowers and remembering my friend's reaction to it, it made me think of how easily we JUDGE THE PROCESS. We look at people and just conclude they are not at a place worth paying attention to and it saddens me because sometimes these people  like these flowers are in  a process. Soon they will bloom just like the flowers, but if we pay them no attention like they are nothing, we can actually be an obstacle to them them being the absolute best they can be. If God is the only One that can shape the vessel, perhaps we should take into consideration how we are in no place to determine the importance of people who are still being shaped by God...the people in the process...the people yet to bloom...people like me and you...

Lots of love,


  1. Beautiful as always....really love the hat and belt.

    Lovely scenery!

  2. Ahh! I just love how you compared the 'blooming' of those flowers with the growth/development of human beings. No human being is worthless before God. He can use whomever He pleases. As human, we are very quick to judge; even I do that. God loves us, regardless and uses us (unlikely vessels), as long as we draw closer to Him. I guess that's why He's God and we aren't.

    You kinda fit in with the 'lake' theme. Looking like a lady sailor. Haha :)

    1. I totally agree with both of you, we are too quick to judge each other!
      May God change our mean minds...

      Btw I love your boots, and the houses and landscapes are just sunning

  3. GREAT POST! That belt is everything!

  4. Its true what you said about how people judge the process.we should never put things or people down because of how they look or what level they are in at the moment because God has a plan for everybody and I believe everyone will shine(blossom) in due time

  5. Once again,love the little snippets on God!

  6. You look so pretty,your fur vest is so cool. nice pictures too. I like the way you use your every day experiences to teach something. This one on the flowers is really nice, just like the one on rice and leaving your comfort zone. I really enjoy them. xx

  7. I really like also what you said about judging the process, it's so true!
    Btw you are so pretty, you have a lovely smile :)

  8. How you take something so simple but expatiate and see deeper than what it really is, is truly a gift Tomi!
    Love love the pictures!

  9. Beautiful pictures x wonderful story too
    A lesson learnt


  10. So cute, love your style and amazing pics.
    Thanks for your visit

  11. "We look at people and just conclude they are not at a place worth paying attention to"...
    I've been on the receiving end of this Quick Judgement Process quite often.
    But I'm always super glad to prove them wrong.
    Nice post.
    Cute outfit!
    That belt is everyting! I've rocked d life outta mine. :D

  12. i absolutely love, love, love ur outfit...I would never have thought to pair it up the way you did. You definitely have a unique style.

  13. This was an amazing post. You're almost a proffessional blogger here. Love the references & how you're using your fashion with your everyday experiences to create this regular devotional. Its inspiring really. Good work, keep it up


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