Sunday, May 12, 2013


I recently started watching Scandal and I quite enjoy it. I like a particular phrase used a lot "whenever there is a problem, get Olivia Pope on it" because she will fix it. I made me really think and appreciate how much God is the ultimate fixer. I know we go to God for the big things like exams, job opportunities, cancer and all that big stuff but I wonder if we go to God for the little things. I'm a firm believer that if God can care about something so insignificant like the number of hair on my head, then He cares about the little things. Like God is so much bigger than any depression, loneliness and heartbreak you may feel and He cares about you right down to the little things. I just thought I should let you know that you don't have to go through whatever it is you're going through alone because God really cares about every little detail that makes you you.

I know I'm supposed to wear a gorgeous dress and have a "sexy" face but I really really cannot take myself that seriously so I spent the whole "photoshoot" period laughing so hard I could hardly get any correct shot but I tried my hardest. The wind was not my friend at all, it kept carrying my dress up and I kept fighting back. This dress has been sitting in  my wardrobe for months...I plan on sewing down the slit because I need to be comfortable and that slit doesn't really make me feel the most comfortable.

Topshop Heels

Lots of love,


  1. You look amazing!
    Love the dress
    And YES! He really is the ultimate fixer
    Missed you on here. Welcome back :)..xo

  2. I love the message of the post...well said! Inspiring!

  3. You look amazing Tomi, and I like how you wore your braids, guessing you're done with finals? Congratulations to you.

  4. This colour compliments you so well, You look lovely him!

  5. gorgeous !! love this dress and love the braids as well.

    lol about we go to God for big things like cancer and exams .

  6. Love this dress! Has a nice vintage look to it...and I adore Scandal!! It seriously gets my blood pressure rising!

  7. You look gorgeous even if you didn't get a proper pose
    And I hope your finals went well

  8. I like that your poses aren't the sexy face ones...makes it more natural. I've been eyeing this dress for a while now, discouraged 'cause of the slit but sewing it up might solve that. You look great, as always :)

  9. Certainly is a nice message, can we talk about this dress though!? I love love love it! Love the shoulder details.


  10. I had actually eyed this dress from their website-I wanted the yellow one but money wasn't on my side!lol. You're the second blogger I'm seeing with a Virgo's Lounge dress this weekend-you guys in the UK are so lucky!
    I like that you pulled your hair up with this and who says you have to bone all the time in pics?? lol

  11. I LOVE this dress on you! Gorgeous!

  12. I am constantly waiting for you to put up a new post. I just love how you weave in encouraging words with your blog post. I'm always encouraged when I visit your blog and I hope that God blesses your heart because you're encouraging someone out there. That dress looks beautiful on you. I see you as my imaginary friend, I feel like we have a lot in common and its hard to find girls like you these days. THANKS FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT AGAIN!

    1. This comment really gladdened by heart and it's you I should be thanking...that you even bother to read what I write! Honestly, thank you so much. I really appreciate it and I'm happy to be a friend <333

  13. Love your blog, I love the way you realised that you were distant from God and you tried to become closer to him. This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it so much!! God bless


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