Saturday, October 19, 2013


I wish I could say I have some genuine reason for not blogging but I honestly don't. I wasn't going anywhere apart from school which involved wearing a white shirt and a black skirt everyday. I moved to a different state and a remote part of that state for school and I was just depressed. To make matters worse, I got feasted on my bed bugs so I have the scars all over my body to prove it so that really got me down the more.

And I lost interest in blogging. Everyone who found out I was a blogger just wanted to know how much money I made from it...whether I got free stuff and all that and it made blogging just seem rather shallow to me. Most bloggers I met want to go "commercial"...whatever that means. For me, blogging was just fun. It wasn't about free stuff. It was about sharing my experiences and my style in a fun way. There is nothing wrong with wanting free stuff (that is pretty cool to be honest). But that is not why I blog. I love reading emails from women about how my post helped them with their self esteem or how something I wrote helped them retrace their steps back to God or how they just want to get to know God for the first time. Emails/comments like that.....THAT IS WHY I BLOG!!! I got so many emails and tweets asking me where I was. I also got people telling me how for them, I needed to keep blogging. The warmth all these brought to my heart is unexplainable.

I cannot promise to start regular blogging again 'cause that'll be a lie. But I can say that I'm in a good place for everyone who asked. I took a vacation with my sisters and I am lying on the beach typing this. It's hot but it is beautiful. I love it here (Dubai) and I don't want to go back home. lol. I do miss all of you. I really do. I do more stuff on instagram (well, more than here...for now), so you can check me out there: @thatescadagirl

Lots of love,
Tomilola E.


  1. Ooh please do come back soon. I love to read your posts, it's not only about the fashion. They're very inspiring. As a matter of fact, I've been checking your blog everyday for a new post and also reading some old ones, that's just how interesting your blog is. Have an amazing and safe holiday. Nice beach outfit by the way. xx

  2. Aww, sorry about the bugs, you still look fabulous,
    thanks for coming back, you really are an inspiration ( fellow law student)

  3. Glad you're okay and sorry about the scars.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. nice... suits... .. u rock... please follow back.. much luv

  5. Great blog,and love when a woman is passionate about God. Keep it up.

  6. Thank goodness! Honestly speaking for myself, I've missed you so much. I check your blog each day that i almost got tired but my spirit told me it to keep calm because you might be in law school since you mentioned it earlier.
    I miss your inspirational posts. Even if you don't blog about your outfits, please just do something about the inspirations. God bless you hun.
    Blogging about your white ans black outfits can bring style ideas for some people most especially your fellow law students. Nice beach suit btw. Bless bless

  7. Your bikini top is so beautiful


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