Friday, July 11, 2014


Sometimes, when you haven't spoken to a friend for such a long time, it's a bit awkward. You want to say so much but can't find the words. That's how I feel. 

About a year ago, I had to take a break off blogging. I didn't want to but I HAD to. My future was calling me and I needed to answer. But I forgot that sometimes, it's okay to take your past into your future. The past isn't necessarily a bad thing. I should have carried you along. I shouldn't have left without explanations and for that, I truly apologise.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of love I got from people asking where I was and if  I was going to blog again. You guys are honestly the coolest.

So what have I really been up to? Put simply, I am preparing for an exam to become a lawyer. The tricky thing is over 5000 of us are taking this exam on the same the same time and I have to try to somehow stand out. So I don't have much of a life for now. But in a month's time, I'll be as free as a bird (for another month & back to work after that) so I plan on blogging again.

I just went for a simple laid back look. In my defence, I didn't realise how tiny this skirt was until I took the pictures and I was like WHOA!!! I will probably go and add material to it because as I've always said "indecency is not my portion"

River Island Tee
Topshop Skirt and Heels
Casio Watch
Mum's Jewellry
Versace Bag (via Mum's Closet)

"To show His love, Christ died for us. To show our love, we must live for Him"

Lots of love,


  1. The whole outfit looks so pretty, love the bright colors.

  2. it's so good to have you back. i pray that you will stand out and succeed in Jesus Name Amen:)
    I love the whole outfit:)
    The Beautiful Eagle

  3. I love what you do. Wishing you GOOD success in your exams. God bless you In Jesus Name...

  4. you look lovely the skirt...missed you......

  5. yay! i'm so glad you're back, i've missed your posts. good luck with your exams. xx

  6. Happy to see a post from you after such a longg while.all the best in ur exams

  7. Welcome back dear... Success in your exam.

  8. I miss you on blogger Dear!
    Good luck on your exams. You will stand out in your exams in Jesus name. Amen!

  9. Welcome back dear i missed you plenty. Please do not stress yourself too much for bar finals,stay positive, eat well, sleep very well, practice past bar finals questions i know you will be fine! You look stunning

  10. I'm so glad you're back!! Love the skirt!! And good luck with your exams!!!

  11. Ahhh too cute and am stealing quite about indency o.God favor for your exam.

  12. Yaaaaay! Glad you're back finally. I wish you all the best and I love the skirt

  13. I'm a qualified lawyer now so I can completely relate to the struggle. I too had to take an unplanned hiatus during finals season cos it'd have been madness to juggle the two, so please, you are excused my dear.

    Where are you based?


  14. You're in Lagos law school, right? My cousin went there about two years ago.. It's not for the weak at all! I wish you all the best!

  15. Welcome back (I think).
    God's grace in your finals. I knw how hard it is to juggle school n blogging. I'm presently feeling like 'Jackie Chan' cos I'm still blogging. But that 'hiatus' is compulsory.

    You look great as always.
    Love the colors.

  16. Love the skirt just ordered a skater one too..I myt just need to add fabric lool


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