Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Sometimes you have to take your zipper down to get it to go up. Did you know that? I've done that subconsciously many times to get my zipper up. Made me think maybe sometimes you have to get down to figure out how to get higher. Maybe you have to go back to where you fell to figure out what you missed and how to get back up. Maybe sometimes you sin to know what grace and mercy feels like. Just maybe.  I'm not saying go ahead and sin because grace abounds. I'm saying I never would have known the power of grace had I never sinned. I was feeling really down about a sin I had committed and you know there was a constant voice in my head telling me that there was no need to go back to God as I was a disappointment to Him. But there was another voice in my head that kept saying just tell God you're sorry and He'll forgive you. So I did the latter and now more than ever I understand the power of grace and mercy. So I'm not saying look at a rock ahead and trip on it on purpose. I'm saying if you do trip on a rock, maybe there was something on the floor you needed to see. Maybe the only way you could look up (in an attempt to get up) was if you tripped on the rock. I'm saying sin is bad, don't engage in it. If you do though, go back to God. He never turns anyone away. This isn't a "maybe". It is a "fact". Okay, maybe I'm babbling... 

I got sent this skirt about two weeks ago by a designer called Desola who goes by the name TWENTYSIX SKIRT. She makes the most beautiful full skirts in the loveliest print. I was very surprised by the quality of the material. It is amazing. The skirt could be made to a longer or shorter style depending on your specification. It is also a "Made to Measure" skirt. The designer asked for my waist size and it fit perfectly. In less than 5 days from when she asked about my size, the skirt was ready and it was delivered even faster than it was made so I can definitely say that service is awesome. There is no website now but you can follow them on Instagram @twentysixskirt to see the variety of prints that they have. You can also drop them an email at

New Look Cardigan//Asos Top// TwentySix Skirt//River Island Heels// Miss Selfridge Clutch

"Jesus would rather go through hell for you on that cross than skip the cross and go to heaven without you. That's how much He loves you."

Lots of love,


  1. Great skirt! Always on the lookout for great tailors, would definately look her up. Love the colours in your outfit.

  2. very lovely skit
    i love the look without the jacket

  3. Great mixing print inspiration!

  4. The skirt is very pretty!! I love the mix of prints in your outfit :)

  5. I love that God loves is regardless.
    Flaws & all
    "sometimes you have to get down to figure out how to get higher" that's so true! Thanks for sharing.


  6. Dear Tomilola

    Great to have you back. Are you through with exams?


  7. I love your pictures! You look very beautiful, nice outfit and colors! Loved the skirt and the shoes! Such a beautiful blog, I am glad I found it! denisesplanet,com

  8. This zipper analogy is so profound,
    I doubt i would ever have styled this outfit, but you pulled it off WELL!!

  9. Chic outfit! Great blog, I have followed you with Bloglovin, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

  10. Love the mixed prints!

  11. awesome shoes love them


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