Sunday, January 3, 2016


Quite recently, my friend was in a dilemma. She needed to make a life changing decision and didn't know what to do. So she asked me for advice; and honestly, I wasn't in the mood that day. So just to get her off my back, I told her to follow her heart and that I loved her, and would support whatever decision she made.
At night, when I was in the mood, I started to think about her problem and the "solution" I gave her. I started to really think of the phrase "follow your heart". I'm no Bible Scholar but I have never seen that phrase in the Bible at all. So I went searching on what God really thought of us "following our heart". I also started to think of how far following my heart has brought me.

I remembered my 1st crush. I was 5years old. He had my heart. I remembered my high school crush. I was convinced I was going to marry that boy! He was the cutest thing. The "love" I had for uni boyfriend was even the worst. I thought life would end we broke up. (Story for another day). He couldn't have been more perfect. He definitely had my heart. 

God is very aware how quickly our hearts can be swayed and He has many advices for us concerning our heart like guarding it because the things that come out of you are the things that have gone into your heart. (Matthew 15:18-19). God is aware of just how deceitful our hearts can be (Jeremiah 17:9). He would like us to commit our hearts to Him. He wants to be our greatest treasure because He knows that where your treasure is, that's where your heart will be. (Matthew 6:21). However, most importantly, God wants us to follow Him not our hearts. In fact the Bible teaches us to deny ourselves to follow Christ. On the contrary, following your heart is indulging yourself. So when unfettered heart-following tempts you, remember the words of Jesus to Peter and Andrew: FOLLOW ME!
So this year, I'm going to follow my heart less and follow God more. How about you?

During fittings!!

 So I attended a premiere of Africa's greatest movie - "Fifty". Shot in Lagos, Nigeria; produced and directed by Nigerians. The premiere was such an important event for me to attend because I did a lot of legal work for the movie so it was really great to kick back and relax in style. If you're in Nigeria, you should go to the cinemas to watch it and if you're in the UK, you can watch it on Netflix. It is a fantastic movie!!

I wore a simple pink dress which I designed and kept everything really simple because the older I get, the simpler I'm becoming. I was rushing so I couldn't take a lot of pictures. I got my makeup done by Tolu Olaogun of UlotMakeupArtistry! Let me explain this makeup thing to you. I never, like never let anyone do my makeup because I always feel like makeup artists do too much. But, Tolu made me feel really relaxed and even got me to try something new and I have to say that I loved it. I still looked like me just a little more glam. I kept taking selfies all through the night. Thank you Tolu!

Makeup Details
Tolu Olaogun of  ULotMakeupArtistry
Instagram - UlotMakeupArtistry 
WhatsApp - (+234) 805 918 1304

PS. Happy New Year Guys!! I hope that this year, God shows Himself to you all in many more ways than you can imagine! I love you guys!

And Jesus said; Follow me and I would make you fishers of men - Matthew 4:19

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Lots of love,


  1. This is definitely the first time i'm realizing that the phrase "follow your heart" might seem like an easy thing to do but can end up being quite disastrous. Thanks for this post.
    Btw....I should do your makeup sometime, you'd definitely love it!

  2. Tomi!
    I love your dress.
    And I totally agree with you.
    Our hearts should always be fixed on Jesus.

    I've seen the movie. I loved it.

  3. Happy New Year Tomi. Quite deep. I know from experience that following your heart isn't always the best. Also, as humans we have heart desires and God knows this but as we seek him first I believe our desires becomes more and more in line with what he wants for us. Moreover Psalms 3774 states that we should delight in the Lord and he will give us our heart desires.

  4. You are beautiful
    This year I have decided to serve God wholeheartedly no matter what

  5. well said!! we all get to that follow your heart kini... but its most times off to no good ..

  6. It's so funny (well not really), but this was on my mind today and i decided to leave it all to God. And this year i have decided to serve God with everything i've got. So this is such a wonderful piece of advice. Happy new year and God bless you :*

  7. Timely words.. I have made a lot of mess a little while back and for following my heart.. I made a vow some months back to put God in charge and I can't see myself anymore trusting my heart with my destiny. Thank you for reaffirming what God has dropped as my new year message to myself... Allow God to order your steps in all

  8. Do you mean you made this dress yourself? It's really beautiful and if you should open a clothing store..*wink*
    The Beautiful Eagle

  9. It's really hard not to want to follow your heart in certain situations, but it's necessary indeed. Happy new year! You look stunning in that dress!

  10. Message on fleek. Make-up on double fleek. Dress on triple fleek!

    Ha! But on a serious note,This an important message and Maryam is right, perfect timing!

  11. You look beautiful darling! Ohh a premier such a fun night! Gorgeous dress and figure! :)

  12. That's a really beautiful message, most of the time our hearts just lead us where we want it to, love this. And your outfit and makeup...pretty!

  13. wow I love this dress on you Wasidah

  14. 😍 loved this post as much as I loved my primary school crush, Dimeji! Lol. Our hearts are thoroughly misleading! Jesus is the compass and the Holy Spirit our Sat Nav ❤️I hope stuff worked out for your friend. Love your dress.


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