Sunday, March 13, 2016


 I’ve nursed two babies. Well, 2 are still in progress. I’ve never actually had a baby before (but I swear from my Instagram, lots of people think I have). My mom had my brother when I was a teenager; and I have a nephew and a niece. As a result, I’ve had my fair share of changing diapers and all of that stuff.

The beautiful and scary thing about babies is how fast they grow. In the beginning, I was so scared to carry my babies because they were so little and fragile, I was afraid I was gonna break ‘em. Now I’m not really keen on carrying them because they have gotten so big and my hands hurt from carrying them. I’ve watched them crawl...stand...take mediocre steps...take firm steps and I’ve listened to the dreaded “there’s a girl in my class that I really like, don’t tell mum” statement. I love all my babies but it would be no fun if they remained babies forever.

I figured that’s how God feels. Sure, babies are cute but if your baby doesn’t grow for about two years, trust me, that baby would be seen more as a problem than cute. Now, think of yourself as a Christian and how much God loves you. But God needs you to grow. Stagnation can never make a parent happy. You don’t get to remain a baby Christian forever. You don’t get to crawl forever. You need to stand – then walk, and then RUN. Do something. God needs you to GROW! Quite frankly, your stagnation is no longer cute.

I don't know if I've mentioned how my parents cut me off financially. Well, they did and it sucks. I have to buy everything now with my hard earned money so that means I've learnt how to economize. I bought a pink material a while ago to make a beautiful dress. I used the remaining material to make a pencil skirt. I just wanted something I could dress up or down. I paired it with a stripes top because it was incredibly hard to find anything to go with this colour and material and I like the finished product.

Primark Top || Sequined Pencil Skirt designed by Me || Missguided Heels || Zara Duffle Bag ||  Mum's jewelry || Photocredit: Kemisola A.

"Let us move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity... - Hebrews 6:1"

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Have a lovely week.

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  1. wait, what do you mean you nursed babies? do you mean as a wet nurse? I'd be interested in hearing more about that! :) breastfeeding is such an amazing thing.

  2. 👌👌you just gave me an important life lesson under 15mins👀. Thank you so much tomi for sharing this. My spiritual life is on standby🙈 and I'm really struggling to revive myself. But you just gave me motivation to push on!

    Thank you! Xxx

  3. Great post, Tomi !

  4. Hehe @ being cut off. We all get to that point in life.

    I'm sure God looks at me and shakes his head a lot of the time. :(

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. I love the last statement: 'Quite frankly, your stagnation is no longer cute'.If this ain't the truth, I wonder what is.

    I just love how your preamble builds up to the Word and revelation of truth. Love it!

    Oh and usual, you stay slaying, beautiful.

  6. Apt!
    Stagnation is definitely not cute.
    I'm thankful for growth.
    And I love your skirt!!

  7. Love the post! So much truth. You look beautiful too as always. Thumbs up to your parents as well. They're raising a strong woman. :*

  8. Parents may love their babies but if we don't grow or progress in life they would feel they are not doing a good job. I sometimes feel like I grow up spiritually and later don't act my spiritual age if that makes any sense. I'm just glad God didn't give up on me

  9. I don't think I was ever on my mum's budget asides the regular pay school fees... always hustled all through school so I really can't say I was cut off. All these ajebuttar children that are upandan everywhere... hehee... love the skirt by the way *wink*

  10. Beautiful style i really enjoy it.


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