Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I struggled with prayer for a long time. I never really understood how people could pray for hours non stop. And so a lot of the things I prayed about in one prayer session, especially in church, were just repetitions. If you have ever been to a Nigerian church, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about - the pastor gives one prayer point and gives you 5 minutes to pray about 1 thing. (I swear I finish before everyone else). I felt this way until I meditated on Matthew 6:7, that says "when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathens do, for they think they will be heard for their many words". I realised that there are 2 important parts of prayer and none of it has to do with your words, but your heart and the person you're praying to - your daddy.

In prayer, when you stumble, remember that you're praying to your daddy. You don’t need to wow him with eloquence. Vocabulary and geography might impress people but not God. There is no panel of angelic judges with cards. “Wow, Tomilola, give yourself a high five, you came to slayyyyyyyy with that prayer,  God will certainly hear you!” “Mehn, Tomi, you didn't try today; which kain prayer be that? Try again tomorrow". Prayers aren’t graded according to style. Truth is, prayers aren't graded at all. Prayer is a conversation with your father, there's no need to be perfect, you just have to be sincere.

Max Lucado wrote; Just as a happy child cannot mis-hug, the sincere heart cannot mis-pray. Heaven knows, life has enough burdens without the burden of praying correctly. If prayer depends on how I pray, I’m sunk. But if the power of prayer depends on the One who hears the prayer, and if the One who hears the prayer is my Daddy, then I have hope.

Prayer really is that simple. Resist the urge to complicate it. Don’t take pride in well-crafted prayers. Don’t apologize for incoherent prayers. No games. No cover-ups. Just be honest—honest to God. Climb into his lap. Tell him everything that is on your heart. Or tell him nothing at all. Sometimes “Hi Daddy” is all we can muster. If so, that’s enough.

I've been going to court. I've been wearing nude lipsticks to meetings. When I get the chance to be my true self, wear colour and put on my red lipstick, I take it! I like the simplicity and girly-ness of this outfit. I like the fact that I've had this outfit for three years now and it fits once again. I didn't want this outfit to be dull at all. So even my feet had to be adorned with bright pretty heels, which are oh so comfortable, I can live in them.

River Island Top || Asos Skirt || Payporte Heels || Primark Bag || Bland2Glam Bangle || Sister's bracelets || Mum's earrings

"In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart - John Bunyan"
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Pictures by Ademola A.


  1. I enjoyed reading this. Lool, the 'you've come to slay' line is hilarious. Thanks so much for sharing this Tomi.
    Laitanbee Blog
    Life|Hello July

  2. Haaaahaaaa "you've come to slay".... Great post. I learnt something today, that bible verse speaks a lot of truth and should serve as a gentle reminder to us young Christians, growing in our faith.

  3. To think you're Tosin Id's sister. To think I met you once. God bless you for this piece. You Idowu girls are wonderful. God bless you. Nice outfit by the way. #Thatescadagirl

  4. Very deep and inspiring.its not all the time we shld get serious with prayer like "let us pray".. Prayer is a conversation just like you said... Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  5. I love me some Tomilola! Thank you so much for this.

  6. Thanks for sharing this!
    It was a delight to read ❤️

  7. I am loving your post, thanks for stepping out to be heard. I am indeed blessed by them.


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